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Participants attending our programs make better decisions, positively manage stress, develop new coping skills, learn relaxation techniques and gain better control over their health."

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The Mind Body Institute
A Women's Wellness Program
for Fertility & Pregnancy Management

The Mind Body Institute is the leader in the study, advancement, and practice of mind/body medicine for Fertility and Pregnancy Management in Southern California.

Our dedication is to help women alleviate the physical symptoms of stress associated with infertility and pregnancy complications. Reduce stress, enhance your chance of conception and healthy full term pregnancies.

Mind Body Programs Success

  • 90% pregnancy rates among infertility patients
  • 90% decrease in complications in high risk pregnancies
  • 97% of our participants reduce anxiety, increased intimacy and look forward to their pregnancy with more ease

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Medical Doctors Endorse Program

R. Jeffrey Chang, MD past president of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine says: "Infertile couples are known to experience heightened levels of stress and anxiety while undergoing often expensive and time consuming treatments for their infertility". Hence, MBI's programs are highly recommended and complementary to treatments.

Dr. Kevin Justus, Maternal Fetal Medicine in Santa Monica highly recommends the program to reduce complications in high risk pregnancies. He states "pregnancy complications due to stress can be significantly managed from the skills learned at the Mind Body Institute. It is responsible health care to recommend this program to all my patients". www.mfmsm.com

Dr. Eva Selburn, medical director of the Health and Wellness Center at the Benson-Henry Institute indicates mind body medicine is evidenced that psychological factors play a significant role in fertility, high risk pregnancy complications, cancer, cardiac wellness, chronic pain, and metabolic issues. Over 35 million US adults use mind body approaches for better health.

Dr. Sarosh Motivala, resident at UCLA's Semel Institute for Neuroimmulogy and Behavioral Health says "stress effects us in one way or another and with mind body behavior techniques we can find a good nights sleep among the chaos of our daily routines".

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